I just want to start this off by saying Azealia Banks is immensely talented. I have to keep re-listening to her old songs to hear new things. She really has BARS. She’s an ACTUAL intellectual and extremely brave. She ACTUALLY lives life. Azealia Banks took the internet by storm when she was just a teenager with her hit 212. Banks’  ‘Sea Punk’ look,  Vodun practice, and Harlem heart, helped fuel her colorful looks per her request of the costume designers she worked with.

I also want to directly quote her Tweets about her perspective on her own impact, but unfortunately her Twitter is no longer available. Not only does ‘Azealia Banks have ‘bars’ while simultaneously has her very popular skin care line on, but Azealia Banks had great performance costumes from her live performances and even some interviews throughout the years.












This glam cowgirl look was on IT, and the makeup set it off. She opens her set with ATM Jam Feat. Pharrell. “Thank you dolly/buy the Barbie/I can admit I likes to party/ I spent a grip, I swipe the card-y”.

I had a conversation with a family member about Azealia Banks a couple months ago regarding the content of Pyrex Princess, and we discussed why she raps about this lavish lifestyle that– in my opinion, should be given to her, when she also has said on her now old deleted twitter account, that she was “broke”. Azealia Banks has talked about her classic album “Broke With Expensive Taste”  in different interviews that she has done . The following video and cooking show, will explain a lot of what was going on and the TRUE and honest origination of an actual Black girl from the hood with a non-nuclear household, who has an expansive imagination. Her story-telling is immaculate along with her rap cadence and singing.



Back to the costumes and fits:





Heavy Metal and Reflective is from 2014. I repeat: HEAVY METAL AND REFLECTIVE IS FROM CIRCA 2014. She’s BEEN that woman. I’m pulling my eyelashes out one hair at a time, because I don’t think you all understand.



She had BUNDLES and always had the perfect red lip that could inspire any Black girl with her complexion.


Thank you for reading! There will be many more Azealia Banks write-ups because she definitely is ahead of her time.



Featured Pictures of Azealia Banks




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