I barely remember Aaliyah. In fact, I barely remember that time in general. I do know that I would sing her songs that would come on the radio, and I started to admire the way she dressed when I got to high school and college. I even wore black and dark brown lipstick in high school and people would tell me how ugly it was. I also have a picture that I just found of me with a bandanna on, a black mesh shirt that i thrifted, American Apparel high waisted jeans that I wore the hell out of, black lipstick and I was ready honey.

Let’s take a look at some songs and fits by Aaliyah, that I rock with…





I want to post the HD version of this video, but just to be safe I’ll just post the video from her official Youtube account. I love when people extend their eyeshadow beyond just their eyelid. That song will never get old, get up and try again the next day. After you crying and want to pass out.



I would rock this jacket that she has on in this performance, and in that size. I love that shoulder bounce her and her back up dancers are doing.




I liked her casual-sporty looks, girl Aaliyah did the damn thing with her fits. Who was her stylist?

screen shot 2019-01-16 at 9.25.30 pm


I used to be annoyed by the idea of a track jacket because of the material, but I’ve worn some and they were pretty decent. I had a similar color like the one Aaliyah has on in this picture.









I really like the oversized jackets. It reminds me of the clothing shops that I liked shopping in growing up. The ones where you can get your nose pierced with an ear piercing  gun, and pick up a two piece bubble gum pink tracksuit at the same time.












This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Her form-fitting looks were also popping. She had awesome and versatile looks, that one could really appreciate especially if they’re looking to alternate their style.  We’re not talking about Halle Berry but I love her outfits on the 90’s early 2000’s. Like, look at her. The outfit is super cute and influential.






The bandanna and construction worker fits were fire as well. How she paired them with form fitting clothes under or just switched it up with her classic 90’s fits, were definitely influential on current fashion trends.

Just going to add a something I made in response to all of the victim-blaming of Aaliyah and the other brave girls and women that stepped fourth to speak out against rape culture in the Black community.



I hope the Blood Moon opened up some positive pathways for you, I know it did for me.

Featured Image




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